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Multiple Characters

Fielding four characters in an episode is a dream come true. Executing it is fine challenge. Especially when your session is moving FAST. Each one needs to sound distinct, and whether they have 1 line or 100 lines, they should be a fully fleshed out character. Plus, you never know when one of them might make another appearance down the road!

I've done multiple characters before, but today a couple of finer points hit home:

A. Precision: Making sure you land the take with clarity of intention, emotion, and vocalization.

B. Economy: Giving a good read, but not over-extending it. Spending too long on one thing doesn't leave room for...

C. Variety: The spice of life, and a healthy offering of useable options for the creative team.

All things I was well aware of, but they get amplified when you're running at the speed of the session! Happy to have the reminder, and excited to do it all again.

And now, your Free Stock Photo of the day... WAFFLES!:

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